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Jean Hackney

Administrative Assistant

Jean started in the insurance industry in 1979 working for JL and J Slade Crumpton Insurance Agency/Crumpton Company remaining there until 1991. After taking off a year, Jean returned to the insurance industry in 1992 to work for High and Rubish Insurance. Jean is a licensed Agent, but serves in the capacity as a support staff person in numerous areas for the operation of the Agency

Jean Hackney
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Customer Reviews

Actual customer service

Edouard D

...served me with the utmost care and insurance wisdom.

Patricia Bradshaw photo
Patricia B

Prompt, competent service is essential and he provides it.

K Giroux

I have used High & Rubish for by business insurance for over 10 years.

Mik B.
M B.

Highly recommended.

Monty B.
Monty B